Data Administration Plan

North Port, Florida

Community Emergency Response Team

 NPCERT Data Administration Plan (DAP)


1. Purpose:

 a. It shall be the personnel officer’s responsibility to collect and administer all personnel data records for current and prospective members of the North Port Community Emergency Team (NPCERT). These records shall be maintained in order to establish a common repository of current information to enable the effective management of the North port Community Emergency Team.


2. Personnel Officer:

It shall be the personnel officer’s duty to:

a. Receive data revisions from the Public Information Officer, Training Officer, and others as described in the Membership Communications procedure to ensure timely and accurate membership records updates are available to the organizational management when needed.

b. To protect and hold safe the confidentiality of all records and share select reporting with the then current management team.

c. Work with the Steering Committee members to report on membership status with regard to; currency of refresher needs by member; skills inventory; other reporting as determined necessary.

d. Provide the program manager with the most current data store when it is updated and maintain an archival of prior data storage revisions for backup and integrity purposes.

e. In the event of activation of the NPCERT, the personnel officer shall provide a printed copy of the current and inactive NPCERT members to the program manager.


3. Personnel Records

 a. All personnel records shall be kept by the acting personnel officer. There shall be hard copies as well as digital scanned images for all forms, applications, training certificates and documents kept on file for all members of the NPCERT and ready for immediate inspection at all times.

 b. A back up digital file shall be kept on a separate portable drive at all times with the most current and update files available.

 c. All digital training records and rosters shall be protected from change by a password that only the personnel officer and program manager have access to.

 d. A current file shall be kept by the acting personnel officer for each member of the North Port Community Response Team. Any member my request records or documents from their file at any time. Records shall be provided within 10 days of a written records request.

e. Only the personnel officer and the program manager shall have access to personnel files at any time unless the program manager requests that another officer or team leader my view another member(s) file.

 f. All NPCERT members shall produce a copy of all training certificates and documents to the personnel officer prior to being given credit for that specific training. The document shall then be scanned and put into the data file and the copy shall be kept in the hard copy file.

 g. The personnel officer shall maintain a current summary of the training and member rosters on TexCom available for download by any member of the NPCERT and/or the district leaders.

 h. Any training that has expired shall be so reflected on the training roster and the NPCERT member shall be notified via email, in person or by phone. The personnel officer shall attempt to notify the district leader of any member of an approaching expiration date at least 60 days in advance of the expiration date. It is the sole responsibility of all NPCERT members to keep their training current and up to date in order to maintain their current status.

 i. Copies of forms, documents and certificates to be kept on file at all times shall include, but not be limited to:

i. NPCERT Applications

ii. Liability Release Forms

iii. Class Rosters

iv. Training Certificates

v. Credentials and Badges

vi. Time Sheets

vii. Specialty Qualifications and Training

 j. The personnel officer shall keep copies of all original files and rosters as they are updated or replaced.